Stray Puppies in Greece

Caring for animals has always been a favorite pastime of mine. Since I was a child, I spent most of my days nurturing wounded cranes, squirrels or rabbits that I came across in my neighborhood (it happened to be a wildlife preserve as well). However, dogs were my first love and my mom has definitely influenced my obsession with all furry canine companions. When my mom was growing up in Greece, she raised seven dogs and they were all strays she picked up off the streets. That’s one of the many reasons why my mother inspires me. She is filled with warmth that radiates loving energy to everyone she nurtures. During the summer of 2016, I continued my mother’s tradition by rescuing two stranded puppies that I found along the beach in Patras, Greece.

It’s no secret that large metropolitan cities in Europe are filled with stray dogs roaming the streets . My heart breaks for all the dogs that are neglected, having no place to call home. That is why I couldn’t stand by and do nothing when I saw those two little puppies. Exhausted, dehydrated and abandoned these puppies immediately nuzzled into my welcoming arms as I carried them back to my mother’s beach house.

Now I couldn’t imagine my life without them. Not only are they incredibly friendly, greeting everyone with slobbery kisses and sweet puppy cuddles. But these two siblings are just the cutest dang pups you ever did see (yes I’m super biased but c’mon look at these pictures). The puppy on the right side of the picture is my lovely baby girl Rosie and her big brother Ari is on the left. Together they spend their days in our garden, running through the sprinklers and digging up the rose bushes.





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