Stray Puppies by the Beach in Greece

My mother and I always had a deep love for animals, especially dogs. When my mom was growing up in Greece, she raised seven dogs and they were all strays she picked up off the streets. That’s one thing I admire, her enormous heart and how she’s always thinking of others. Last summer I continued my mother’s tradition and found two puppies alone by the edge of the beach in Patras, Greece.

It’s no secret that countries in Europe could care less about the strays that wonder through the cities alone. My heart breaks for all the dogs that are neglected and have no place to call home. That is why I couldn’t stand by and do nothing when I saw those two little puppies. Exhausted and dehydrated from the rays of the sun, the puppies immediately fell asleep in my arms as I lugged them back to my mom’s house.

Thankfully my best friend, Lily, was with me when I found them so we were able to feed them and let them rest. Now I couldn’t imagine my life without them since they are so adorable. The puppies are from the same litter, one is a boy and the other is a girl. We named the girl Rosie because she is so gentile. My mom wanted to give the boy a Greek name so she named him Ari. Rosie and Ari spend their days now in our garden, running through the sprinklers and digging up the rose bushes.




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